Our Mission

Awaiting each teacher is the class, a group of students to be taught-but at RQM we realize that one lesson produces different results in the mind of each individual student, and therefore a teacher can not be simply a recording device who relays textbook information verbatim. Recognizing students’ individualized needs is a key ingredient in the recipe for academic success. The class of students as a group is something of a mirage, so we are always conscious of the fact that the learning process begins and ends with one teacher and one student. But because a class is indeed a gathering together of minds, we must operate from an established mindset, and as such we are guided by the following objectives: 

  • RQM lessons reinforce and upgrade the student’s day school instruction. A deeper sense of comprehension nourishes student motivation, or so we believe. 

  • Common Core Standards have been the official standard set by the NYS Department of Education as of January 10, 2011 “in order to ensure that all students are college and career ready in [all core subjects] no later than the end of high school.” Thus, our curriculum content at RQM is modeled after the NYS Common Core Standards. 

  • The most effective teaching is done holistically; for example, in ELA the 4 target skill areas in reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary are to be unified and presented via direct instruction, modeling, and guided instruction, then tailored by incidental and formal assessment. With guided practice and feedback/discussion, specific student needs are constantly addressed during independent practice and test review. 

  • We are not trying to “reinvent the wheel,” but rather “upgrade the engine,” that is the student’s mind, with the best teaching mechanics known to exist. Each individual student will then find the wheels to make the engine roll along at the right speed, and thus we have accomplished our mutual objective: one teacher (the passenger) and one student (the driver). 

Top-Notch Curriculum

We have worked diligently in creating a curriculum that is not only aligned with the standards set forth by the NYS Department of Education and the CollegeBoard, but also engages each and every student that learns with us—both in tandem create what we believe to be is the most effective educational experience. 


100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that your child will improve while enjoying his or her time at RQM that we are willing to back it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our SAT and SHSAT programs. We aren't satisfied if our students aren't satisfied, and we will work ceaselessly to help them succeed. 


Technology in Education

To better the learning experience at RQM, we continually implement the latest technological advances, which has proved to be immensely helpful in student engagement. Students first, everything else last is our motto. 


Help anywhere, anytime.

What happens when a child needs help with a complicated physics problem or even an European history essay at the middle of the night? Well, our students can contact us at any hour* for help on ANY assignment. That's right; our tutors are well versed in whichever grade level they teach at. 

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